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CoolMaster CM8000 and CM23000 Air coolers and misting fans delivered in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK, Al Ain and Sharjah. High power Cool Master evaporative air coolers and misting fans as well as commercial coolers and outdoor coolers available in stock. Details on our range below, multiple grades of evaporative air coolers, commercial Cool Master air coolers and outdoor coolers as well as misting fans available. Scaleable to suit your needs to ensure you only install what you require.

Lets Explore Our Cool Master CM8000 & CM23000 Outdoor Coolers

Cool Master Air Cooler

Cool Master CM8000 & CM23000 Evaporative Air Cooler

Cool Master Avaialable in 8,000 and 23,000M/3 options. Models CM8000 & CM23000

Cool Master Industrial Air Coolers are unique air coolers which are created only for industrial use in Dubai and UAE. These type of coolers are mainly used outdoors, perfect for restaurants, gardens and terraces. These coolers can be used all year round as well.  Industrial air coolers are not like the regular air coolers as it will cost more to follow the traditional air cooler methods on a larger scale.

Evaporative air conditioning is the most cost-effective solution to cool a commercial or industrial application.

How industrial coolers differ from the regular air coolers:

  • Produces Fresh Air, Stale Air is not recirculated.
  • There is no ozone layer Depletion as it is not refrigerant.
  • Relatively low power consumption when compared with a traditional AC.
  • There is no problem of rusting as all the coolers come with plastic body parts.

Benefits of modern industrial air coolers:

  • You can forget that your employees will be affected by air pollution.
  • Perfect Product for eco-friendly Projects.
  • It consumes less amount of electrical energy.
  • Industrial air coolers are highly durable.

Industrial air coolers are designed to deliver flawless performance in tropical workplace settings; these air coolers are perfect for offices, schools, malls, assembly halls, etc.they.They are perfectly optimized to consume fewer resources while keeping the work/industrial environment at a necessary temperature.

CM8000 & CM23000 Models available!

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