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Firewood Sales & Delivery – Homes Only for hospitality and distribution, please call us for a quote.

Firewood Delivery is All Year Round!

Firewood Delivery

Our team are ready and waiting to arrange your firewood delivery or charcoal delivery anywhere in the UAE. Dubai Firewood delivery daily, with Abu Dhabi Firewood Delivery once a week.

We offer:

Birch Firewood Delivery: 21L/40L Packing 35/50AED

Beech – 40L Packing 60AED
Oak – 40L Packing 60AED
Olive – 40L Packing 65AED
Smoking Pellets – 15kg 70AED
Swedish Logs – M/L Size available at 55/65AED

Organic Firelighters – 32pc 40AED

For hospitality, retail and distributor enquiries please click here and get in touch for bulk pricing. 

We supply all our wood on a volume basis and pack our bags to the max, weight can vary dependant on moisture content, but as our wood is all kiln dried variance is never more than +/- 1KG.  

Delivery Details:

  • We don’t charge for delivery or stacking
  • We deliver 7 days a week
  • We call the day before delivery to let you know we are coming.
  • We accept cash on delivery or prepayment via bank transfer, sadly we do not have a card facility or accept cheques.
  • We do not have 4×4 delivery vehicles, so try not to have us deliver to the desert 🙂

Once your products have been delivered, why not check out our tips and tricks to get started.

All our wood is seasoned hardwood and we guarantee it to be ready to burn.

Please complete the form below indicating how much wood you would like to have delivered, if you need kindling, and your street address and phone number. We especially ask that you include any special instructions regarding the stacking location, unique entrance or alleyways, or anything else you would like our workers to know. 

Attention First Time Customers: Please call us on 800-4-CHARCOAL (800 4 24 27 26 25) to place your order.

We are not able to do deliveries outside rural areas currently, for which we apologise.

Aadil, Carly or Marshe will contact you to confirm and to schedule the delivery. Please feel free to call with any questions. Thank you!

Use the form below to schedule your firewood delivery now

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A Message From Our CEO

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