Charcoal and Firewood Supplier to HORECA

Welcome to Elite Horizon. The UAE’s premier Charcoal & Firewood partner for HORECA as well as Pizza Ovens, Electric Heaters, Air Coolers and Mist Fans. Birch Firewood, Beech Firewood, Oak Firewood and Olive Firewood all available in stock.

Charcoal & Firewood - HORECA

Elite Horizon started importing and distributing charcoal and firewood in 2010, over the years we have perfected our sourcing as well as our pricing which has allowed us to grow across the UAE. Our charcoal is the most widely used in hotels, restaurants and cafeterias in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK and Sharjah. We currently stock charcoal for both shisha and BBQ sourced from countries like Nigeria, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Previously Somalia.  We also have 4 types of firewood, Birch Firewood, Beech Firewood, Oak Firewood and Olive Firewood. We also match prices on a like for like basis! Click Here for our brochure.

Heating & Cooling

Over recent years we have monitored the market for Evaporative Air Coolers, Misting Fans, Electric Heaters and Gas Heaters and noticed that the market was suffering from inflated prices and one company had a majority of the market share. Since then, we have also begun to distribute the same Coolmaster range in the CM8000 & CM23000 models. We have also introduced our full range of Misting fans as well as a range of Pyramid Heaters, Mushroom Heaters and a large range of Wall Mounted and Free Standing Electric Heaters, all with unbeatable prices, 12 months warranty and backed by our U.K. Approved safety standards as well as ESMA and G-Mark.

Retail Brands

Elite Horizon has had the privilege of representing various brands from the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA. At present we are the exclusive MENA distributors for La Hacienda, Buschbeck as well as an approved Coolmaster UAE distributor. La Hacienda is the European market leaders in outdoor heating products and their range comprises of a selection of Chimeneas, Firepit, Firebaskets, Electric Heaters and a huge selection of Lanterns, wall decor and Garden Ornaments. Buscheck is the manufacturers of exquisite masonry barbecues in Germany and their range also now includes stainless steel ones. STV has a fantastic range of poison free pest control, including mouse traps, bug bats, citronella and sonic repellers.

Lets Explore The Brands a Bit More

Charcoal for Shisha and BBQ – HORECA

Charcoal Supplier & Firewood in Dubai

We currently provide over 14 different types of charcoal in the below categories:
Natural Somalian
Natural Nigerian
Natural Vietnamese
Natural Thailand
Long Lasting Indonesian Briquette
Long Lasting Malaysian Briquette
American Royal Oak Charcoal
Pillow Shaped Briquettes
Natural Shisha Charcoal
Coconut Shisha Charcoal Cubes
We offer a free consultation service, so why not get in touch and see what products you could be using and saving money?

elite horizon charcoal
Firewood Dubai

Firewood, Imported From Europe – HORECA

Charcoal & Firewood in Dubai

We stock:
Oak Firewood -Best slow burning hardwood with excellent heat. Great wood for braai. Great charcoal substitute Good for barbecues, Pizza ovens and smoking.
Birch Firewood – Quick, convenient and easy fire. Good heat & high flame, Smells great, good for bonfires, great for first time users.
Beech Firewood – Slow burning hardwood, Good flame & heat, Low moisture content, Good for camping & barbecues, perfect for Italian pizza ovens!
Olive Firewood– Slow burning extremely dense hardwood. Should be ignited with fast burning firewood. Amazing olive flavor released during burning. perfect for cooking, smoking and pizza ovens.
Eco Grill & Swedish Logs – Quick, convenient and easy fire, Good heat & high flame, Best when mixed with slow burning wood

La Hacienda

Meet John & Simon, Founders of La Hacienda

Hello, we’re the Goodwin brothers, John and Simon, and the founders and owners of La Hacienda. Let us take you back to 1989 when it all began… We were 21 and 22 and were travelling around South America where we found ourselves in the indigenous street markets of Ecuador. While looking for some souvenirs, we stumbled upon some authentic Aztec ornaments. We loved them so much that we took some home to sell. We specialise in outdoor heating so check out our range of Firepits, Chimeneas and Electric Heaters. 

A Bit About Buschbeck

The Buschbeck factory in Waldbrol Germany accords with the newest aspects of modern concrete prefabricated component production. Our well-stocked and modern warehousing facilities cover a total area of ca. 15,000 sq. m enabling us to offer our worldwide customers short delivery lead times – even in peak periods. The structure and design of BUSCHBECK quality masonry barbecues are continually being reengineered and developed further. All our products undergo constant quality inspections throughout the production process because our customer’s satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Firebox BBq Pizza Oven

The BBQ Firebox

Instantly transform your BBQ into an incredibly versatile outdoor pizza oven with the brand new Firebox, brought to you by the leading experts in outdoor heating and cooking. Simply kick start your BBQ, place your Firebox on top and watch as the temperature soars in excess of 400 degrees in as little as 10 minutes. The Firebox cooks delicious rustica style pizza in just 3-4 minutes that taste just as good as those served at an authentic Italian pizzeria. The uniquely designed, high grade stainless steel, double skin insulated cavity means that heat is retained and distributed evenly, delivering perfect pizza every time. Not only can you cook restaurant quality pizza at home, you can also bake fish, meat, vegetables, bread and much more. Measuring 15cm H x 40cm W x 35cm D, the Firebox will fit most 3 or 4 burner gas BBQs or 22″+ charcoal BBQs. Portable, durable and with no assembly required, the Firebox is ready to use straight from the box.

wood fired pizza oven


Elite Horizon is proud to present the very first affordable, practical and stylish pizza oven in the UAE. The Co-Branded 800-Firewood and La Hacienda pizza oven is made from beautiful stainless steel, with powder coated high-temperature paint to provide an exquisite finish.

The pizza oven is capable of reaching temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and has a cooking area of 715 Sq/inches. Weighted at 88kgs, we added wheels to ensure easy portability.

Passion for design, passion for food, passion for life. The 800-Firewood / La Hacienda oven combines the performance of a traditional Italian wood fired and the exceptional style and design Italy is famous for. Superior functionality and superb craftsmanship will quickly make this oven your preference when cooking for two or cooking for twenty! Regardless of the cuisine, the results will impress all of your family and friends.

Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Get the doughy, delicious artisanal pizza from your favourite restaurant—in your backyard.
Maker Kristian Tapaninaho honed his pizza recipe but couldn’t get that sought-after smoky flavor in his own kitchen. After searching in vain for an affordable and portable wood firing solution, he made his own.
Uuni is a powerhouse. It reaches 900+ degrees in just under 10 minutes. Fueled by cost-efficient wood pellets, the stone baking board gives the pizza a perfectly crisp finish in under two minutes. Plus, its stainless steel body is made to keep up with years of pie-making.
Uuni is great for more than pizza, too. Charred veggies and meats take five minutes or less. Whatever you’re cooking in this restaurant-quality oven, the results are deliciously fast.
Uuni Pizza

STV Pest Control, the UK’s Best, Now Worldwide

Between the brands, STV takes on all household pests including birds, mice, rats, cats, dogs, mosquitos, flies and much more. Explore the catalog for a bigger look into the brands they carry and the pests they take care of.

Where we source our range


La Hacienda












Private Label services offered for most of our range from China


Royal Oak BBQ Charcoal


BBQ Charcoal

HORECA – Kitchen Fuels
To ensure we meet both the quality and economical requirements for our clients, we spend a considerable amount of time on our product sourcing. At present, we import our range of charcoal & Firewood from multiple countries. The reason behind this simply lies in the way the products are produced and the raw materials which are used. Over the years we have identified that each chef/cuisine has a particular requirement which we ensure we can meet.

HORECA – Heating/Cooling
Our range of heaters and coolers are made in China, but under factories which are monitored and controlled by UK standards. We continuously audit and ensure all our required procedures are being met in order to maintain the quality required. We offer most items across the range in both private label and the La Hacienda brand.

Retail – Home & Garden
Our present range of La Hacienda, Firebox and Buschbeck allows us to hit a majority of in demand categories across the GCC and Africa. We currently provide products such as Firepit, Fire Baskets, Chimeneas (clay, Cast Iron & Steel), Grills, Wood Fired Ovens, Masonry Barbecues, Electric Heaters, Outdoor Lanterns, Garden Mirrors, Wall Art, Garden Ornaments, Embossed Metal Signs and UV protected Canvases.

Retail – Pest Control
STV pest control is the largest distributor of pest control products in the United Kingdom. Having set up a successful distribution network across the UK, they have now expanded into Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore as well as across Europe. We represent STV across the GCC and are looking for distributors to take on the range for additional territories, on an exclusive basis.

HORECA Distributor or End User? Get in touch below and have our team get in touch, usually within an hour.

A Message From Our CEO

Elite Horizon was established with one goal in mind, work for our clients, not ourselves. In the last 8 years of operations throughout the MENA region, we have seen a continuous expansion on both supplier and client sides and we want to continue the fantastic growth we have seen. What sets us apart from the rest in similar industries is simply our willingness to give the customer what they want, be transparent in terms of what is achievable and always offer the same quality of product or service.
We are here to build lifetime relationships in order to facilitate the growth of both ourselves and those we work with, Don’t take my word for it, speak to one of our team today and give us the opportunity to prove our worth.

– Elite Horizon General Trading LLC

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